Information on parking restrictions

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Who to Contact or Report A Parking Problem

To Report a Vehicle parked: Blocking your driveway (Dropped Kerb Parking), Parked on Double or single yellow lines, Parking in a Bus stop, Parked on a School Keep Clear during School Times, Parked in a Designated Permit Parking Bay without a permit or if your not sure if a Vehicle is parked Illegally call:

The Parking Hotline 01727 845 283

The Parking Shop: 01727 869 593

Information On Parking Restrictions

Parking on a single yellow line

You should always check the parking signs on street for confirmation of regulations as the hours when single yellow lines operate vary from Street to street and can also be different on each side of the road.

Parking on a double yellow line

This is not permitted at any time of the day or night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Double yellow lines show an area where it can be dangerous to park, or where leaving your vehicle can be a hazard to other road users.

Parking in the Pedestrian area in the centre of St Albans

The Market Place area of St Albans is a Pedestrian Zone. In this area you can only park in the marked bays. Parking elsewhere within the zone is prohibited at any time, despite the fact that there are no lines marked on the road.

Parking outside the bay

Parking bays are clearly marked and allow enough room for most cars or vans. If any part of your vehicle is parked outside the bay, you are liable to get a parking ticket. This is because bad parking can be a hazard to other road users and pedestrians, and it can also prevent other drivers from getting a parking space. Please park considerately.

Parking for motorcycles

There are a number of spaces in the centre of St Albans reserved for solo motorcyclists. Do not park a vehicle in a space intended for a motorcycle or you may receive a penalty charge notice.

Pay and Display and Voucher parking

There are a number of pay and display and voucher bays within the St Albans. Follow these simple guidelines to use them properly.

  • Depending on where you park, parking is restricted to a maximum stay. Please check the details on the parking sign and also, where applicable, on the pay and display machine.
  • Have plenty of change for the pay and display machine before you set out.
  • Read the information on the front of the pay and display machine to ensure you are paying the correct amount. Please note that our pay and display machines do not give change and pro-rata amounts are not accepted.
  • Leave plenty of time to get back to your vehicle. Parking attendants will not know whether you have been delayed and will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket) if you overstay.
  • If a pay and display machine is not working park elsewhere.
  • Check before leaving your car that your pay and display ticket or voucher is clearly displayed.

Parking for blue badge holders

Parking restrictions are relaxed for blue badge holders, making parking easier for those who are less mobile.

Blue badge holders can park on yellow lines for up to three hours as long as there are no loading restrictions as long as the blue badge and clock are shown correctly.

Blue badge holders can park for free for a maximum of three hours, as long as the blue badge and clock are displayed correctly, in any car park operated by St Albans City and District Council.

If the badge and clock are not displayed correctly, you are likely to get a penalty charge notice

Residents Parking Scheme

A residents' parking scheme operates in St Albans. This means that only drivers with the correct permits can park in certain streets. Please check the operational hours of the zone, which will be shown on a sign in each parking space, before leaving your vehicle.

If you have any queries relating to parking within the City and District of St Albans, please contact The Parking Shop

Date of last review: 29 June 2012