Parking Documents and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Information on number of on street parking spaces

Please note that the below documents are for guidance only and provide in most cases, an estimated number of spaces. These are calculated using lengths of marked bays or roads and can include areas across driveways. However, the figures exclude yellow lines, zig-zag markings and bus stops. It is advised that when parking drivers should check the signage before leaving a vehicle. it remains the responsibity of the driver to ensure all signs and road markings are complied with.

Eligible Properties Lists

The Below documents give information on properties eligible for permits. Please note that applications for permits are done on an individual basis. Applications and eligibility does not guarantee the issue of a permit.


Frequently Asked Questions amd general information

Car Parking Advisory Panel

Car Parking Advisory Panel is a non executive body of cross party Councillors to provide guidance and assistance to the Portfolio Holder in connection with Parking related issues throughout the District.
Party Leaders are invited to nominate representatives to join the Car Parking Advisory Panel as and when required or where deemed appropriate other interested bodies/members will be invited to attend meetings.

The Members of the Working Party must represent the interest of the whole District and not just individual interests. Car Parking Advisory Panel meetings should be held in open sessions allowing access by the public when ever possible. Where there is a need to discuss commercially sensitive matters, or there is a need to discuss the details of an individual case as an illustration of particular problems, these may be discussed as Part II items with the press and public excluded.

Policy and Guidance
The aims of the parking enforcement scheme are to take a holistic view on the interrelationship between;
• Balance the needs of residents, businesses and visitors;
• Reduce pollution;
• Improve the streetscene, public realm and the environment;
• Improve the movement of non-car relating transport by reducing congestion;
• Facilitate and seek to improve the movement of non car modes of transport; public
• transport, cycling and walking;

Members are invited to consider theses aims and offer suggestions, proposals and/or innovative ideas to improve parking and/or within the context of the Working Party improve the wellbeing of the City and District of St Albans. Members are invited to suggest policies.

Operational Matters
The Car Parking Advisory Panel will review the operational aspects of the parking contract and the liaison procedures with the wider community.

The processing of Penalty Charge Notices, the appeals, and the relationship with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal is excluded from the remit of the Car Parking Advisory Panel with regard to individual cases since these must follow the statutory quasi-judicial process. Any delay could cause compromise the rights of an individual appellant. This does not preclude these matters being discussed in general.

Road Traffic Regulation Orders One of the roles of the Car Parking Advisory Panel is to consider objections received during the consultation period for new Road Traffic Regulation Orders affecting the District as a whole. The Car Parking Advisory Panel is to advise and provide guidance to the Portfolio Holder when considering these objections.

Car Parking Advisory Panel Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Schedules can be found by following this link 

What Happens When It Snows

In cases where it has snowed and there is settled snow, we will not be taking action where it is necessary for the lines to be seen. Likewise if a permit is needed and the windscreen is covered, again we won't take action.

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What Happens After The Snow Melts

If snow melts during the day no action would be taken if a vehicle was parked out of the bay, unless it was obvious the vehicle had parked after the snow had melted.

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What Should I Do If I Have Received a Penalty Charge Notice

Any driver who has received a penalty is encouraged to write to us with the circumstances if they consider it should be cancelled

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Date of last review: 27 September 2019