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Disruption to online planning service

20th March Update

We are continuing to work on upgrading our online planning service, unfortunately this does mean that the service will be unavailable at times and we apologise for any difficulties you may have in viewing planning applications. 

Please try again later if you are unable to view planning applications online. Alternatively, planning applications can be viewed at the Council offices during normal office hours. If you need assistance with viewing the electronic planning files, please telephone 01727 819450 for an appointment with one of our Customer Service Advisors. Please note we do not hold paper versions of applications and there will be a charge if you require copies.

Commenting on a planning application

If you wish to comment on a planning application please do this by completing our online” Comment on a Planning Application form" which can be accessed here rather than using the link on our planning applications page which may be affected by the upgrade work. Comments can also be made via email  to – please ensure that you include your name and address otherwise your comments cannot be considered.

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Using the planning applications search facility you can 

  •     - search for a planning or treework application
  •     - track its progress
  •     - view the plans and any supporting documentation
  •     - submit comments (see Guidance on commenting on a planning application) and
  •     - check the Planning History. 

Planning application details and decisions are available from 1977 onwards and full plans are available from 2003 onwards. Tree works applications from 19 June 2015 are also available through this facility by entering the reference in the format TP/yyyy/1234.

Please note that this service may be unavailable on weekdays after 22.00 hours and between 23.00 on Saturday and 15.00 on Sunday due to system back-up procedures.

Applications Search by reference number

Please enter the application reference number in full and click on Go

Planning application ref :


Full applications search

Or Advanced planning search

See MSP guidance notes below. 

Search on map - Local Information Mapping Service

Our Local Information Mapping Service is a map-based, alternative way of searching for and viewing planning applications in the District.

Quick Searches - This week and the previous week

Quick searches home page

Searching for applications, viewing documents and plans and using the measuring tools

The simplest and quickest way to find the application you are looking for is to enter the planning application reference number in the format 5/2014/0000

When searching on an address or street name, a wildcard such an asterisk * should be entered either side of the search criteria, e.g. *24 London Road* or *London Road*. The same applies with Applicant and Agent searches.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a limit on the number of results returned so you should refine your search, for example by selecting Received or Registered between between 1 January 2012 and today's date to get recent applications.

For full instructions on searching, viewing plans and using the scaling and measuring tools, please download our Guidance Notes on My Service Planning.  It is recommended that you open up this document and then minimise it so that you can refer to it at any time once you have entered My Service Planning.

Commenting on an application

For guidance on commenting on a planning application, please click here. Please note that any comments submitted will be available for the public to view and a redacted version (with the email and telephone number fields removed) will be viewable on our website.

Please note that the plans are copyright and may be viewed for inspection purposes only. You will infringe copyright if you print the images. While an application is Pending, St Albans District Council are able to supply copies of the plans from the District Council Offices at a cost of £3.00 for A4 size and £5.50 for A3 size and above, per copy. When the Application has been determined, Copyright reverts to the creator or owner of the original plans and St Albans District Council can no longer provide copies until 5 years after the decision date. Test. Test2

Date of last review: 02 July 2018