Planning Policy

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Current adopted local plan

The local planning policies for St Albans District are the saved policies set out in the District Local Plan Review 1994, which is the current adopted Local Plan.

New Local Plan

Work has started on a new Local Plan. 

To keep updated on progress and Local Plan consultations, please register your details.

The Planning Policy Committee looks at the new Local Plan and the work programme (Local Development Scheme). The next steps are set out below.

Issues and Options

November 2017

January and February 2018

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

An informal six week consultation, ending April 2014, on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule. The Council will be looking at introducing CIL to follow alongside the new Local Plan.

Other key areas of work

Brownfield Land Register  - we have asked for sites to go on the register. We will have a Brownfield Land Register in place from December 2017. More details can be found here.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment - If you have a new site you wish to promote as available for housing or other development, please tell us using our standard form (additional information can be attached) here.  You can also see the SHLAA here.

Authority's Monitoring Report – is produced each year and contains facts about the district.

Neighbourhood Planning – we support neighbourhood planning. The following are consulting/have consulted on their Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plans:

  • The draft Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation on 25 October 2017 for six weeks.

Latest Planning Policy News

The Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Planning Partnership (HIPP):

Department of Communities and Local Government: Planning Update Newsletter July 2017

Government Housing Consultation indicates 913 new homes each year.

Date of last review: 22 November 2017