Consultation for the modernisation of Clarence Park Trust

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Invitation to take part in a consultation on proposed changes to the Clarence Park Recreation Ground Trust deed.

St Albans City & District Council’s Cabinet administers the Clarence Park Recreation Ground Trust as a corporate trustee.  

The park and recreation ground were given to the people of St Albans by Sir John Blundell-Maple, a Victorian furniture entrepreneur. The trust deed was created in 1894 and has not been updated since then. This presents a number of challenges for the trustees and the Council who want to ensure the management arrangements for the park are fit for the 21st century. 

The recreation ground is located in the northern part of Clarence Park and is occupied by St Albans City Football Club, St Albans Hockey Club, St Albans Bowling Club and St Albans Cricket Club. The remainder of the park, to the south, is owned and cared for by the Council and used as a public park. 

The trustees are required to run the Recreation Ground according to the ‘purposes’ as written in the Trust deed.  The trustees consider that some of the Victorian wording in the deed needs to be brought up to date to reflect modern day life and sporting activity. At the moment for example, sporting activity is restricted to adult sports and there is no provision for children.  

Changing this will help attract public and sports funding necessary for the future improvement of facilities and equipment in the park. Also, by including the entire park in the trust, the trustees and the Council believe it will be easier to manage the park and protect it for future generations.  

Any changes to the trust deed will need to be approved by the Charity Commission and comply with the Charities Act 2011.

Knowing how important Clarence Park is to local people, and wanting to be transparent in our work, we are consulting on the proposed changes.  Anyone can take part.  

Follow this link to see an overview of the Trust Deed and the proposed changes

If you have any questions, please contact: 

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Date of last review: 07 February 2013