Shaping the Harpenden Leisure and Cultural Development Project Designs

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The Concept Designs

Following a number of earlier community consultation activities, we are now presenting the initial concept designs for this project for your consideration.

By completing this short survey, you will be playing a key part in helping to shape the designs for the new Leisure Centre and Arts and Cultural Centre in Harpenden. It will also help us better understand what facilities you currently use and what centres and events you attend in other locations. Your responses will inform the next stage of the design process.. It should take no longer than ten minutes to complete..

This project represents significant investment in Harpenden and the north of the District. We have taken the approach of wanting to engage the community early in the project to help shape future facilities. We want to include good ideas coming directly from local residents and stakeholders if we can. However it is important to keep in mind the budget that is available to deliver this project and future commercial viability of the project.

We have looked at all of the ideas received so far. After detailed consideration we have chosen to do one of the following things;

1. Agreed and directly incorporated into the concept designs

Example: Reconfigure the Arts and Cultural Centre entrance to be placed on the 1st floor of the building and incorporate a landscaped ramp to the new main entrance.

2. Agreed but with some revision and incorporated into the concept designs

Example: The project team has considered the design options suggested during the design Charrette to increase the parking capacity for the new Leisure and Cultural facilities and for Harpenden residents in general. The project team is pursuing the ground level green car park option on the land between the new Harpenden Leisure Centre and the Harpenden Town Football Club pitch.

The team has commissioned a Travel Plan. It covers pedestrian, cycle and public transport facilities for travel to and from the site by visitors. It also examines the potential for minimising the use of private motor vehicles in this respect. This will be supplemented by commissioning a Traffic Impact Assessment in late spring. This considers the highway and transportation issues regarding the proposed development, considers how the proposal integrates with the current network and establishes the predicted impact associated with the site. This will include measures to influence future travel behaviour.

3. Not taken forward as does not align to the budget/commercial viability

Example: A desire to increase the main swimming pool from six lanes to eight lanes. The additional capacity was deemed necessary to match the current and future demand for more learning water. It was agreed that an extra two lanes in the main pool would not satisfy that future demand. However by increasing the learner pool from its current size of 65sqm to 170sqm with an added bonus of moveable floor, to create a depth of up to 2 meters, the future demand would be satisfied.

The survey will remain open until March 3rd 2017 for you to express your views. The next stage after collecting views on concept design is to produce the final designs that may form part of the planning application to St Albans City & District Council in the summer of 2017.

If you have any questions about this survey please contact
Barry Cronin the Project Manager
01727 819558

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