The ambition is to extend and transform the Harpenden swimming pool site into one modern integrated leisure centre for a variety of sports and activities.  It is envisaged this will contain:

- The swimming pool 
- A new larger learner pool 
- A new gym with significantly more machine stations
- A new sports hall
- A new café 

The existing sports centre could then become a new arts and cultural centre integrating a museum display area dedicated to Harpenden’s historic past. It will have a larger theatre than the Halls, additional function rooms, and an extensive bar and refreshments area.

Update October 2019

We are pleased to announce the commencement of works for this exciting new development of Harpenden Leisure and Culture project. Works commenced on April 29 2019.

Works are progressing well on site. The planned part-closure of the Sports Hall at the Sports Centre began in early Sept 2019. Foundations and new steelworks for the new Leisure Centre are progressing well, and latest works to the new Leisure Centre can now be seen here using our time lapse camera.

We have updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which can be found using the link below with information about the development, current construction progress and queries about operating of the Swimming Pool and Sports Centre during the construction works. These can also be viewed at both the Harpenden Swimming Pool and Sports Centre reception, where 1Life staff will be happy to help answer your queries.

Harpenden Public Halls development

As part of the Harpenden Leisure and Culture development, Harpenden Public Halls is being replaced by a larger and more modern theatre and cultural centre in Rothamsted Park.

With the help of the local Harpenden community, St Albans City and District Council undertook a community planning technique known as a 'design charrette' during which participants explored options to deliver a high quality redevelopment at this important town centre site.

Following the initial workshops and feedback session in November 2018, a final report on the charrette consultation has been produced Kevin Murray Associates and is published here for your information.

This will form an essential part of the briefing to the architect team due to be appointed to the project in the near future.

In this section

concept design icon Conceptual Designs and Usage Survey

A survey about the conceptual designs and potential use of the proposed facilities.

rothampsted development icon Community Engagement (Updated December 2017)

Capturing the many diverse and complex views of Harpenden residents and stakeholders.

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Press Releases about new leisure centre developments