Working for Electoral Services

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If you have good customer skills and are interested in working for us, please read the information below, complete an application form or contact us.


Canvassers are employed by the Electoral Registration Officer to visit properties where a response has not yet been received to previously sent communication. As a canvasser you would be required to visit these properties and either collect or encourage a response. For further information please contact the Electoral Services office.

Polling station workers

Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks are employed to carry out duties at polling stations. Polling station workers are required to work from 6:15 am until after 10:00 pm without leaving the polling station.

Count workers

Count assistants help to count the votes immediately following the closure of polling stations. They will need to work from 9:15pm until the count is completed, which could be around 3am or later.

Postal vote workers

Workers are employed to issue and open postal votes on a number of days in the weeks prior to election day.


We can only accept applications from persons who are not connected to, nor will assist any political party or candidate at an election.

The Returning Officer has to comply with legislation to prevent the employment of illegal workers. You will be asked to provide your passport with any relevant supporting documentation which confirms you are entitled to work in the UK.

Anyone who is appointed to work at a polling station or at the count must be able to work flexible hours as needed during this period and accept that they may be required to work in excess of the normal maximum working hours and consent to do so.

How to apply

Complete all sections of the below application form and send it to us either by post or email. Please note you will need to provide proof of eligibility to work in the UK, for example a copy of a British passport.

Contacting Electoral Services

Electoral Service Office 
St Albans City and District Council 
Civic Centre 
St Peters Street 
St Albans 

Tel: 01727 819294 

Date of last review: 20 April 2017