Casual Work at the Council

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St Albans City & District Council currently operates a register of workers who will be considered for any short term casual opportunities that arise. We are looking for flexible individuals who would be interested in such an arrangement to join our register.

What is a Casual Worker?

A casual worker is someone who has an agreement to undertake work, but who is under no obligation to accept the hours offered. At the same time the organisation do not offer hours on a regular basis, but purely on an 'as and when required' basis. Generally they will be used to cover sickness, periods of annual leave or special project based work.

What Casual Work do we offer?

Roles can vary between generic admin, to erecting stalls for the St Albans Market and everything in between with the Council consisting of seven areas:
Chief Executive & Policy – Communications, Economic Development and Executive Support

Community Services – Commercial Contracts, Culture & Heritage and Property & Asset Management

Corporate Services – Business Systems Support, Customer Services, Digital & Print, Human Resources and Organisational Development

Finance – Accountancy, Audit and Revenues and Benefits

Housing – Asset Management, Strategic Housing and Tenant Services

Legal, Democratic and Regulatory Services – Democratic Services, Land Charges, Legal Services and Regulatory Services

Planning & Building Control – Building Control, Development Planning, Spatial Planning and Technical Support

How to Apply

You can apply by downloading the below application form. Once complete please email to Please ensure that you do complete a form, as unfortunately we're unable to accept CV's.

Casual Applications will be kept on our register for one year.

If you have any problems feel free to call our Human Resources team on 01727 819 251.

Date of last review: 02 September 2015