There are two types of insurance relating to property, home contents insurance and buildings insurance. As owners of the property we take care of the buildings insurance as that provides cover for the 'bricks and mortar'; the insurance you need to investigate is home contents - that provides cover for everything you could take with you if you were to move home.

Why we recommend home contents insurance...

Many Council Tenants and Leaseholders mistakenly believe that their furniture, personal belongings and decorations are automatically insured against theft or damage from fire and burst pipes. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
We strongly advise all tenants to take out home contents insurance. You can do this with one of the many insurance companies providing home contents cover; ensure you choose the cover which best suits your needs.
As a tenant or leaseholder, you are responsible for insuring the contents of your home and you are entitled to approach an insurance company of your choice.

Benefits you should consider for your insurance:

  • No excess payable on any claim
  • Fast and efficient claims service
  • New for old cover
    (clothing and household linen prices are usually reduced for wear and tear)
  • Cover for fire, lightning, explosion, storm, flood
  • Cover for escape of water/oil from any fixed water or heating installation or domestic appliance
  • Cover for vandalism
  • Cover for theft and loss of keys
  • Cover for damage to interior decorations

Please ensure your property is covered.

Date of last review: 21 October 2016