Mediation service


From time to time we all have disagreements with our neighbours. Sometimes we try to simply ignore it or forget about it. Sometimes this can be very difficult and the disagreement becomes a dispute. We can very easily get angry or frustrated.

Noise, car parking, fences, children, rubbish are just some of the areas that neighbours may disagree over. We may try to sort out these problems ourselves, but we may not know how to start or we may find it very difficult to speak with our neighbour.


Mediation is a way of dealing with disputes that helps people to reach an agreement that everybody is satisfied with.

Mediation does not judge or blame people but tries to help people work towards an agreement for the future.

Mediation helps all the issues to be heard and understood. It may be that your neighbour does not realise that there is a problem. Or may be that they have some concerns that you are not aware of.

Mediation means that disputes can be sorted out quickly and confidentially. It does not cost you anything and it can avoid you going to court.


The mediators will listen to what you have to say and help you explore the options available.

Then, if you agree, they can also meet your neighbour. They will give them the same opportunity to talk about the difficulties. From these two meetings it may be possible to find some way to solve the dispute.


Surprisingly often and you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Mediation will not always succeed but often people find that the situation has at least improved even if it has not been possible to agree completely.


All our mediators operate under our strict confidentiality policy.


Mediators do not take sides, decide who is right or wrong or give legal advice. Mediators help people to make life better for everyone involved without resorting to legal action.

- If you would like to try mediation as a way of solving your neighbour problem, please contact your Management Officer.

Date of last review: 21 October 2016