We can only take possession of your home if you decide to end your tenancy, or if we obtain an order from the County Court. The court will only grant an order if we can prove that one of the grounds for possession under the 1985 Housing Act applies.

The process of eviction

If the Housing Service does obtain a Court Order to evict you from the property and you breach any terms of the court order then before the Bailliffs warrant can be applied for final approval must be given by the Housing Review Panel. After this the case will be referred to the Court for a bailliff warrant and you will be informed of this by your Management Officer. Once the Court has made a date for the eviction the Bailliff will write and inform you.

Once you have been informed that the Housing Service is seeking your eviction you can seek information from Shelter (see link) or the CAB. You can also make an appointment to discuss your housing situation with a Housing Options Adviser. You MUST take some action either to obtain a "stay" of the execution of the warrant or to arrange alternative housing and removal/storage of your personal property. Once a Bailliff warrant has been "executed" then the property will be secured and the locks changed. You will have no right to re enter the property except by prior arrangement with your Management Officer for a one off entry to clear your personal effects.

Date of last review: 21 October 2016