It is an obligation of your secure tenancy that you notify us if you will be away from your property for 3 months or longer.

It is imperative that you advise us of this information since we may commence action for possession if we believe you have abandoned the property.

It is also a requirement of the Housing Act 1985 that you occupy the property as your 'only or principal home.' In practice this means that you must stay at the property for most of the time. For example, if you stay at a partner's house for six nights out of every seven and only one night a week at your property, you may be in breach of this requirement.

St Albans District Council has very large waiting lists for accommodation and we will always take legal action whenever we believe a property has been abandoned or is not being used as an only or principal home.

If you require further information, please contact your Management Officer.

Date of last review: 21 October 2016