We take pride in maintaining the appearance of all our estates and we expect our tenants and leaseholders to do the same. You can help by letting us know when problems exist. The information given below lets you know what service to expect from the Council on its estates, and who to contact to report a matter. As a Council tenant or leaseholder, you and members of your household are responsible for using and keeping communal areas in a reasonable manner.

Management of shared areas

Equipped play areas
Play areas for children are provided on several estates. The areas are inspected regularly to ensure they conform to safety standards.

Unauthorised parking of vehicles
Designated parking areas are available on various estates throughout the District and there is no direct charge for the facility.

Abandoned vehicles
If a vehicle has clearly been abandoned, please contact your Housing Management Officer in the Housing Department on 01727 866100. We will pass this onto the appropriate officer in Environmental and Regulatory Services. Alternatively, you can contact them yourself on the same number. They will consider removing the vehicle under the powers contained in the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

00-Abandoned vehicles

Vehicles causing an obstruction
If a vehicle is causing an obstruction on a public road, you should contact the Police on 0845 3300 222.
(always call the Police on 999 in an emergency

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction on communal housing land and has clearly not been abandoned, please contact the Housing Department on 01727 866100.

Please give consideration for your neighbours, their safety and the appearance of the estate as a whole when parking your vehicle. You must only park in the places authorised and not on grass verges and greens.

Dog Fouling

Keeping St Albans city & district cleaner & greener has just become easier
If you spot a problem, simply call the hotline number, e-mail us or submit an online form telling us what you have seen, and where, and the council will deal with it.

Text messages and photos from mobile phones can be sent to the e-mail address

Telephone: 01727 819598 
E- mail: a.cleanerdistrict@stalbans.gov.uk
Online form: A Cleaner District Online reporting

Please report any instances of vandalism or graffiti to Council property to the Housing Department on 01727 866100, or call the Police on 0845 3300 222 if out of office hours.


Estate Walkabouts

Staff from the Housing Service arrange walkabouts on a number of estates twice yearly. The Management Officer is in attendance and also the Housing Surveyor responsible for that area. On estates where there is a caretaker service, the Estates Services Officer (Caretaker Manager) may also attend.

Spring and summer walkabouts take place in the evening, autumn walkabouts take place in the afternoon

Ward Councillors may also invited to attend and the Police and staff from other service areas within the council  e.g. Grounds Maintenance

The Estate Walkabout schedule for 2011 is available via the attached download

Date of last review: 05 May 2011