Council estates parking

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Tenants should not park any vehicle on the gardens of their property unless a crossover has been installed to enable parking. Any vehicle (caravans, boats on trailers, or commercial vehicles) apart from motor cars or motor bikes may not be parked in designated parking areas, unless permission has been granted by us. No vehicles should be parked within the confines of any housing estate except in designated parking areas.

Parking responsibly and problems

Unauthorised parking of vehicles
Designated parking areas are available on various estates throughout the District and there is no direct charge for the facility.

Abandoned vehicles
If a vehicle has clearly been abandoned, please contact your Housing Management Officer in the Housing Department on 01727 866100. We will carry out checks where possible to locate the registered owner of the vehicle and ask them to arrange removal. Where the registered owner cannot be identified the matter will be passed to the Environmental Services team for further action. If a vehicle is abandoned and in a dangerous condition then it can be removed quite quickly. This is arranged via the Environmental Services Team. 

Vehicles causing an obstruction
If a vehicle is causing an obstruction on a public road, you should contact the Police on 0845 3300 222.
(always call the Police on 999 in an emergency

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction on communal housing land and has clearly not been abandoned, please contact the Housing Department on 01727 866100.

Please give consideration for your neighbours, their safety and the appearance of the estate as a whole when parking your vehicle. You must only park in the places authorised and not on grass verges and greens.

Disabled Parking Spaces/Bays

These are now arranged through the Parking Services team at the District Council and they can provide details on the criteria required in order to qualify for having a marked bay outside your home. You do need to be aware that even though the marked bay is outside your home, any vehcile displaying a disabled parking (blue) badge is entitled to park in the bay.

Date of last review: 21 June 2010