Change of Circumstances

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It is essential to tell us as soon as your circumstances change, so we can make sure we are paying you the correct amount of benefit. You must contact us within one calendar month of the change happening.

You can fill in the form below or email: letting us know

Let us know about changes to your circumstances eg:

  • your capital savings or investments change

  • you receive a decision from the home office regarding your immigration status.

We also will need to know if you or anyone in your household:

  • moves in or out of your home (including children);

  • goes into hospital, nursing home, prison, remand or dies

  • income changes;

  • rent changes;

  • qualifies for another benefit;

  • stops getting Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance or any other state benefit;

  • become a full time student

These are not full lists. If you are not sure. just ask us.  

Why you need to tell us immediately

Any delay in telling us could seriously affect your award.

Changes that could reduce your award

You may have to repay any overpaid Housing Benefits and or Council Tax Reduction if you delay or fail to tell us about a change in circumstance.

Changes that could increase your award

Normally any change in circumstance that may increase your entitlement will start from the date you tell us, not the date it happened.

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How to tell us

You can email or send in the change of circumstances form. we may require you to send us in proof - see below.

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We will need proof of any changes

For example

  • a letter from your landlord telling you of a change in your rent or a new tenancy agreement;

  • your latest payslips or pension slips to show the new amount you get as wages, pension or pension credit;

  • a letter from the Department for Works and Pensions or Inland Revenue showing changes in your benefits, allowances or tax credits.

We also need the same sort of proof of changes for other people who live with you.

If you cannot get proof immediately, send the form and any documents you do have now and send any other information as soon as you can.

When sending us proof...

We need original documents, not copies. Either deliver the documents and form by hand, or send them to us. We will return any valuable documents to you by recorded delivery.

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How do I let the Council know about my move in order to update my Council Tax records?

Please fill in our Council Tax -  Change of Address online form.

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Date of last review: 12 December 2016