Repairs and Maintenance

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Repairs & Maintenance

What are repairs and maintenance?

These are charges for day to day communal repairs.

What are my repair responsibilities as a leaseholder?

Your lease will require you as a leaseholder to keep your property in good repair and condition including fixtures and fittings.

Please check your lease for a specific list of your repair obligations. Generally you are responsible for:

  • All areas inside your home including services you use

  • Ceilings (but not joists or beams)

  • Floorboards and screeds, but not joists

  • Interior plaster or other surfaces of the ceiling and exterior walls of the dwelling

  • Interior non structural walls

  • Entrance door(s) and door fastenings (but not the door frame), internal doors, frames and fastenings**

  • Tanks/cisterns*

  • Pipes, wiring, cables and conduits supplying water, electricity and gas*

  • Pipes, guttering, drains and sewers removing waste water and sewerage*

  • Anything installed for the supply of central heating and hot water*

  • Fixtures and fittings e.g. bath. wc, gas fire, fireplace, kitchen units etc

  • Plaster work and internal decoration

* The leaseholder is responsible for these things inside or outside the flat if they serve only the leaseholder's property.

**Please note there are many variations to St Albans City & District Council's leases and therefore your lease may be different to the lease of your neighbour or another property that the Council owns a freehold interest in. It is important to check your lease for your specific repair obligations.

What are our responsibilities as the landlord?

As the landlord we are generally responsible for:

  • The main structure of the building including the foundations and roof

  • The communal services to the building including communal pipes, wiring, lifts and refuse chutes

  • The communal areas of the building including communal staircases and communal fixtures

  • The communal parts of the estate including grounds maintenance, fences, lighting and paths.

How can I report a repair?

Phone our Repairs Department on 01727 819256:

  • During office hours (8:45am to 5:15pm Monday to Thursday. 8:45am to 4:45pm on Friday)

Email us at  to report a repair at

If you need to call outside office hours:

  • Phone our emergency repairs line on 01727 811155 

  • If you phone this number and our contractor attends when it is not an emergency we will charge you a call-out fee.

  • An example of an emergency repair would be a major roof leak or a faulty lift.

You will be invoiced your portion of the cost of the repair in accordance with your lease.

Can I make alterations and improvements to my flat/maisonette?

One of the conditions of your lease is that you cannot carry out any alterations or additions to your property without the approval in writing of the Council in its capacity as Landlord.

If you wish to make alterations to your flat/maisonette please write to:

The Leasehold Officer, St Albans City & District Council, District Offices, St Peter's Street, St Albans, AL1 3JE

In the case of replacement windows and doors please check your lease to find out who is responsible for the repair. If we as the landlord are responsible for the windows and exterior door(s) to your home and you wish to replace them then you must enter into a Deed of Variation.

A Deed of Variation transfers the responsibility of the repair and upkeep of the windows and doors from us as the landlord to you as the leaseholder. You will have to pay our legal and management and administration costs for carrying out a Deed of Variation. Please contact the Leasehold Officer in writing or email if you wish to do this.

Please note that even if you obtain our consent you may still require Planning Permission and/or Building Regulations approval before starting any work.

You may have problems selling your property if you make alterations without our permission. We have the legal right to rectify any work you have undertaken without permission from us and restore the property to its original condition and to charge you the entire cost for carrying out this work.

What works do not require our consent?

The following work does not require our consent:

  • Internal decoration

  • Minor plumbing or electrical works

  • New interior doors

  • Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms.

If in doubt to whether consent us required please contact the Leasehold Officer on 01727 819578 or email

Date of last review: 17 June 2013