Letting your leasehold home

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Can I rent my leasehold home?

Yes. Your property can be rented (sublet) out.

You will be required to inform the Leasehold Officer providing your new contact details in case of any emergencies.

Even though you have let your property you will be responsible for:

  • Paying all leasehold invoices

  • Ensuring that the person living in your property complies with the terms of the lease

  • Making sure that all gas appliances are safe and meet GAS-SAFE standards and have a gas safety check once a year

  • Making sure that all electrics in your home NIC/IEE regulations

  • Providing an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to your tenant

  • Informing your mortgage lender, buildings insurance, and contents insurance company that you are renting your home.

If you claim against our buildings insurance policy your claim may not be valid if you did not inform us that you intended to rent your leasehold property.

Date of last review: 17 June 2013