Real and disposable nappies

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Disposable single use nappies.

Disposable nappies can be put in your brown bin with your general waste.

If you find that the nappies are taking up a lot of room and you are running out of space in the bin, we do offer a 6 month supply of white sacks for disposable nappies. These white sacks are for nappies only and you can put out 2 sacks a fortnight as side waste to your brown bin. 

Alternatively you can pay £19.50 to have one white sack collected every Tuesday (may change following bank holidays and revised holiday collections).

For more information and/or to join the service call 01727 809019 or email: 

The reusable nappy incentive scheme

Nappies on washing line

The real nappy incentive scheme was set up to encourage parents to use reusable nappies rather than a tonne of disposable nappies which would then be dumped in landfill. The Council has decided that it would like to give the money saved in landfill tax to the parents as a thank you for their help in diverting waste

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An incredible eight million disposable nappies are thrown away every day in Britain and some studies suggest that the plastics and gels used in them may take up to 500 years to break down.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that can be far better for the environment - and cheaper, too.

Modern washable nappies or 'real nappies' as they are often known, help to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

More information about cloth nappies is available in our real nappy guide 

Real nappy incentive scheme

St Albans City & District Council runs a £60 incentive scheme for families using reusable nappies. You need to fill out and return to us the application form found on the leaflet.

The form does say £50.00 because it is used across the whole of Hertfordshire, but we are offering  £60.00!

More information regarding the cashback scheme or a free real nappy starter kit can be found HERE. 

Try Real Nappies for yourself

BabyWould you like to try real nappies before you commit yourself to buying? The trial kit scheme gives you the chance to road test Real Nappies and make the best decision on which nappies are best for you and your baby. The kit can be borrowed for 10 days and contains sufficient nappies for you to try the different styles at home, on your baby.

We do not favour any one brand of nappies and believe that only you can make the decision on which nappies suit you, your baby and family best. The nappies included within the trial kit are examples of nappy styles available and you may find that your local nappy stockist sell a similar style under a different brand name.

For more information about trial kits contact Louise Palmer on 01727 819428 or e mail  

A guide to real nappies can be found HERE

Date of last review: 12 May 2017