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Unusual Suspects

Look out for common household 'Unusual suspects'. Bleach bottles, foil food trays, shaving foam or air freshener cans are among a list of ‘Unusual Suspects’ that residents often do not realise can be recycled and all too often end up in landfill sites. This is not only bad for the environment, but is also more expensive for the council tax payer.

These ‘Unusual Suspects’ can be recycled in your mixed recycling bin (if they are made of plastic, metal or glass), or the paper/card box if they are made of paper or cardboard. To find out more please download the leaflet below. 


Top Tips: 

  • If you have more recycling than will fit in your bin it will be collected as long as it is presented next to your container in plastic bags (not black) or boxes.
  • Please lightly wash and squash your cans and plastic to deter pests and to fit more in your bin. Save water by rinsing containers in the dirty water at the end of the washing up. 

Do I really need to rinse my containers?

We encourage residents to rinse containers to deter pests and ensure the materials are high enough quality to be recycled. Some people do this at the end of the washing up before they dispose of the dirty water, or slip them into the dishwasher if there is a space. Containers do not need to be sparkling clean. Please remove excess food whilst being mindful of water consumption. 

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Where do I put polystyrene?

Polystyene is not reycyclable and should be put into your brown refuse bin. If you have too much to fit into your bin you can take it to the Household Waste Recycling Centres. 

Some companies are now using biodegradable corn starch polystyrene. this can be placed in your sink and dissolved with water! 

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Where do tetrapaks go?

TetraPaks, or cartons, such as orange juice, long-life milk or soup containers, are made from a layer of cardboard, plastic and foil. This means that they require specialist recycling services. TetraPaks should ideally be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre or Recycling Bank Site at Waitrose, Morrison's, Marshalswick Quadrant and Amenbury Lane, Harpenden.  If this is not possible, put them in the refuse bin.

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Where do I put my Vegware compostable food containers?

Sadly, whilst many companies are thinking about the products they use and choosing more sustainable options. We cannot accept Vegware (compostable food containers) in our food waste or garden waste collections. The facility we use would see that as 'contamination'. The only way it can be recycled is if you compost it at home. 

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Date of last review: 22 March 2018