The Council provides a WEEKLY collection of food waste. 

All houses have a kerbside food caddy to present their food waste for collection each week. These can be lined with either corn starch or paper liners, carrier bags or plastic bags such as those bread comes in. Please don't use black bags. 

Food waste Summary
 yes Top Tips: 
  • Remember that you can now use corn starch or paper liners, carrier bags or plastic bags such as those bread comes in. All bags are okay except black bags.
  • Do keep the lid locked closed to keep flies out and smells in.
  • Don't put liquids or very wet food in your caddy. 
  • Add FAQ - Can I have a kitchen caddy? Some homes previously received smaller caddies to keep in their kitchens. There is a limited stock still available which are available on a first come basis. If you would like a small kitchen caddy please contact us.  

Can I use liners to keep my food caddy clean?

You don't have to line your caddy but if you want to you can use a variety of bags such as: 

  • compostable liners in either paper or corn starch
  • plastic bags such as carrier bags or the bags your bread comes in. We cannot accept black bags of any kind. These are not recycled but will be removed during the process.
  • paper bags 

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What happens to my food waste once you have collected it?

Food waste is taken to a facility that breaks it down to produce renewable energy and biofertiliser in a much shorter amount of time.

Find out more by watching a video about the process from food to renewable energy here.

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My caddy is lost or broken how do I get a new one?

Please order a new caddy using the form here. 

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How can I prevent fruit flies and maggots?

Wrap food waste properly. Make sure that the bin lid is shut properly and, where possible, store bins out of direct sun light. 

By minimising the amount of time food waste is left out before going in to the caddy this will reduce the chance of flies getting to the waste resulting in maggots.

See advice for hot weather on keeping flies and their maggots away.

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Where can I get more caddy liners from?

The Council no longer provide caddy liners however you can purchase compostable liners from larger supermarkets and online. Why not simply use unwanted plastic bags such as those your bread comes in, to wrap your food. 

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Can I put food waste into my green bin?

No. Food waste must not go into the green bin.

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Date of last review: 22 May 2017

Making food waste history

Ever wondered what happens to your food waste? Here’s a short film taken at the brand new A.D plant near London Colney.