Your guide to recycling from home in St Albans City and District

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Our waste and recycling services

We’d like St Albans District to be a shining example of community recycling. Together with our partner Veolia, our aim is to increase recycling rates in the District to more than 60%.

Recycling, composting and reducing your waste is easy and can make a big difference to the environment. When rubbish is buried in landfill it releases harmful gases and liquids. It also means that precious resources that could otherwise be turned into new products are wasted. 

Throwing waste into landfill costs around £100 per tonne. By recycling more we can also save money, which can be used for other important things. St Albans City and District Council is working with Veolia to provide all households in the District with a comprehensive multi-material recycling service. We’re working together to make it as easy as possible for you to recycle.

About your household collections

SADC Waste BinsYour household refuse (brown wheeled bins or purple bags) is collected fortnightly, on alternate weeks to your recycling (black wheeled bin, green wheeled bin and recycling box). Food waste, textiles and small electrical items are collected every week. If you are in a flat you will have communal bins instead.

Some properties are not suitable for wheeled bins and they are given purple refuse sacks. We will collect up to 3 sacks per fortnight which is the equivalent capacity as a wheeled bin. 

You must place your containers or bags at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day. Please ensure that all of your refuse is in the brown wheeled bin or purple sacks as we cannot collect any excess waste.

Where does recycling go?

We have produced some FAQ's about the end destination of the waste that you put out for recycling from your homes.

St Albans Recycling Guide

SADC Recycling Guide PictureWe have produced a comprehensive recycling guide to give you all the information you need to know about recycling in St Albans. You can download this by downloading the guide using the link below or collect a paper version from the Council Offices.

Flats Recycling

If you live in a flat, you can find out more about your recycling facilities on this page here. you still have access to all the same materials recycling as houses (see below), you just have different containers for these materials.

Find out more about what you can recycle

recycling box Recycling box - for paper and card (collected fortnightly)


 Black wheelie bin (or recycling box) - for mixed plastics, cans, foil, glass bottles and jars (collected fortnightly)

green bin

 Green wheelie bin - for garden waste (collected fortnightly)

Food Caddy Image

 Food caddy - for food waste (collected weekly)

textilessmallelectricalNew Component Plastic Bags - for small electrical items and textiles (collected weekly)

brown bin

 Slim brown wheelie bin - for any waste that cannot be recycled (collected fortnightly)

Need help?

  • My bin wasn't collected. Please use this form to report a missed bin within 2 working days of the collection. We will endeavor to return and collect it. 
  • When is my collection day? To find when your collection takes place you can find out here. 
  • I need more recycling boxes. You can have up to five recycling boxes for free. If you want extra boxes you can buy these at £5.50 a box. 
  • I need more refuse bins.  If your family consists of six or more full-time permanent residents, you are also able to apply for extra capacity. If you do not qualify for extra bins we are can work with you to help you find ways to reduce your waste. 
  • I can't move my bins to the property boundary. If you cannot move your waste or recycling to the boundary of your property, because of age or disability, we may be able to provide an Assisted Collection. 
  • I'd like to give feedback. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us on the below details. 
Please call 01727 809019 or email
Date of last review: 09 September 2019