Where does it go? (A-Z of recycling)

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MaterialPaper & cardboardPlastic, Cans & GlassGarden  FoodRefuseBulky wasteRecycling banksOther
Aerosols (metal and empty)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banksHWRC
Aluminium (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banksHWRC
Asthma inhaler 
Bags (plastic carrier) Brown

Supermarkets often have carrier bag recycling points
Bathroom fittings and furniture Bulky waste
Batteries - car (electrical) HWRC
Batteries - all other types (electrical) 

Leave in carrier bag next to your recycling biin and box. See small electricals & textiles

Beds Bulky wasteCharity furniture shops
Bonfires See Air pollution
Books (paper and card)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banksHWRC
Bottles and jars (glass)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banksHWRC
Bottles (plastic)Plastic, Cans & glass Recycling banksHWRC
Branches and twigs (garden waste)Green HWRC
Brass (metal) HWRC
Bricks and building rubble HWRC
Brochures (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banksHWRC
Bubble wrap Brown
Bulky items Bulky wasteHWRC
Business waste see gov.uk

Caddy (kitchen)FoodFood Waste
Cans (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banksHWRC 
Carbon monoxide detector (alarm) Leave in carrier bag next to your recycling biin and box. See small electricals & textiles
CardboardPaper & Cardboard Recycling banksHWRC 
Cards (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banksHWRC 
Carpets Bulky waste
Carrier bags (plastic) Brown

Car parts (metal/plastic/glass)  HWRC 
Cartons (such as those made by Tetra Pak) BrownRecycling banksCheck here to find out where you can recycle Cartons 
CataloguesPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Cat litter Brown
Cellophane Brown
Cereal boxesPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Chemicals - household/garden HWRC
Christmas trees (real)Green HWRC
Clingfilm Brown
Clinical waste Clinical waste
Clothing Recycling banksSmall electricals & textiles 


Compostable liners Food
Computers and monitors (electrical) HWRC
Cooking fat (oil) 
Copper (metal) HWRC
Cork  Brown
Directories (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Disposable nappies (see nappies) BrownNappy service
Dog and cat faeces BrownStreet Cleansing
Drain pipes HWRC
Duvets and pillows 
Recycling banksHWRC
Egg boxes (cardboard)Paper & Cardboard 
Cardboard boxesPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Plastic boxes (food containers)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Egg shells
Electrical items - large HWRC Recycling Sites
Electrical items - small 

Leave in carrier bag next to your waste containers.

Small electricals & textiles

Energy saving light bulbs HWRC Supermarkets
Engine oil plastic container (empty)Plastic, Cans & Glass 
Envelopes (including plastic windows)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Fabrics (textiles) Recycling banksSmall electricals & textiles

Fire alarm (detector) Leave in carrier bag next to your recycling biin and box. See small electricals & textiles
Fizzy drink bottles (glass or plastic)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks

Flower pots (plastic) Brown
Foil (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass 

Food waste  Food
Fridges and freezers (electrical) Bulky wasteHWRC
Furniture Bulky WasteHWRC
Garden furniture Bulky wasteHWRC
Garden waste Green HWRC
Gas cylinders HWRC
Gift wrap (paper)Paper & Cardboard 
Glass (from mirrors and windows)
Glass bottles and jars - see bottlesPlastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Glasses - eye charity shops, opticians
Grass cuttingsGreen HWRC
Greeting cards (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Hardcore (bricks/rubble) HWRC
Hazardous waste 
Hazardous Waste
Hypodermic needles Clinical waste
Inkjet cartridges check with suppliers, charities such as RNLI
Jars (glass)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Juice bottles (plastic/glass) see bottlesPlastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks

Junk mail (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Kitchen foil (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass 
Kitchen caddy  Food
Kitchen towels (paper)Paper & Cardboard Brown
Kitchen waste (food/bones etc)  Food
Light bulbs (electrical) HWRC Supermarkets (Warning: Hazardous Waste)
Energy saving light bulbs BrownHWRC Supermarkets (Warning: Hazardous Waste)
Loo rolls (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Magazines (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks

Margarine tubs (plastic)Plastic, Cans & Glass 
Mattresses Bulky waste
Metal (scrap) HWRC
Milk bottles (plastic/glass)Plastic, Cans & Glass 
Mobile phones (electrical) - see WEEE phone recycling schemes
Nappies BrownNappy scheme
Needles (hypodermic)  - see clinical waste See clinical waste
Newspapers (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling points
Oil (engine) - see engine oil HWRC
Oil (cooking) - see cooking oil HWRC
Packaging - see cardboard, plastic, glass etcPaper & CardboardPlastic, Cans & Glass 
Paint HWRC
PaperPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Pesticides Hazardous Waste
Pet food Brown
Plastic pots, tubs, trays, bottlesPlastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Hard plastics, such as flower pots,
garden furniture, children's toys, drain pipes

Plastic carrier bags Brownsome supermarkets
Plastic bottlesPlastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Polystyrene Brown
Printer cartridges various schemes, RNLI
'Pyrex' dishes Brown
Radiators (metal) HWRC
Real nappies see nappy scheme
Rubble HWRC
Shoes Recycling banks
Shredded paperPaper & Cardboard
Spectacles and sunglasses charity shops
Styrofoam (polystyrene) Brown
Takeaway food containersPlastic, Cans & Glass Brown
Foil - if cleanPlastic, Cans & Glass 
PaperPaper & Cardboard 
PlasticPlastic, Cans & Glass 
Telephone directories (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling points
Televisions and monitors (electrical) HWRC
Tetra Pak style cartons (such as those made by Tetra Pak) BrownRecycling banksCheck here to find out where you can recycle Cartons 
Textiles Recycling banksSmall electricals & textiles
Tiles HWRC
Timber and wood HWRC St Albans Wood Recycling
Tin cans (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Tyres HWRC
Vegetable peelings (food waste) Food
Washing up liquid bottles (plastic)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Water filters BrownBrita scheme
(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
Wrapping paperPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Yellow Pages (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Yoghurt pots (plastic)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Date of last review: 01 March 2019