There is nothing pleasant about exhaust fumes and congestion. Vehicle emissions degrade air quality, cause health problems and are a major contributor to problems such as global warming and acid rain.

St Albans benefits from excellent transport links, but our narrow network of streets are just not designed to cope with such high levels of car use. As a consequence, rush hour traffic clogs up the area with long and frustrating traffic jams. The only way we are going to tackle this problem is if we all try and reduce the number of journeys we make by car where possible. 

Nearly a quarter of all car journeys are under two miles therefore practical alternatives to driving are often easy and available. Swapping just one of our car journeys each week to cycling, walking or public passenger transport can do more than help the environment; it can save on travel costs and improve our health.

Find out about the many beautiful and safe cycle routes available in the district

With so many excellent public transport links, it's easy to travel within and outside of the District without a car

Reducing fuel consumption and emissions through driving more efficiently. 

Find out about grants for electric vehicles and where to find charging points.

Date of last review: 16 May 2017