Greener living

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Sustainability is about looking after the environment and people. It is about using resources carefully to ensure that all people, now and for generations to come, are able to have a high quality of life. Our economy, social well-being and environment are interdependent and progress in one area must not compromise progress in another. 

Creating a greener lifestyle is a process of learning and experimenting with new approaches to find ways to make things better for all of us.   

In this section

global warming Climate change

Understanding climate change, the projected impacts and what we need to do to reduce the effects

Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency

Advice on saving energy in the home, managing energy bills, and finding grants to help.

windmill Renewable energy

Find out about different renewable energy sources, the benefits of using renewable energy and grants towards the costs.

Transport footprint Green travel

Make smarter choices about how you travel and help to reduce congestion and improve air quality and your health.

100pix water Water saving

Hertfordshire is an area of serious water stress. Find out what you can do to reduce your water use.

vegetables Sustainable Food

How to choose foods which minimise the impacts on people and the environment.

Bee on flower Sustainable gardening methods

Sustainable gardening practices ensure that natural resources such as water and peat are preserved.

general sustainability symbol The Council's approach to sustainability

Information about how the Council is embedding the principles of sustainability into everything we do.

Graphic of community Green your community

Get involved in a local community project or join forces with a local group to preserve and improve the environment for all.

Sustainability News Sustainability Newsletters

The Council produces a quarterly Sustainability Newsletter which you can sign up to receive directly to your inbox via your MyStalbans account