St Albans City and District Council has a responsibility for dogs that are causing a nuisance or appear to be a stray. For help or advice please contact SDK Environmental Limited on 03444 828 346.

Strays and Contained Dogs

Stray dogs found within the jurisdiction of SADC and in the possession of a member of the public will be collected from an address within this District by our contractor SDK Environmental Ltd.

It is expected that such lost / stray dogs will be kept on a lead or otherwise restrained and that the finder will remain with the dog (s) until collected from them. Please note that animals that are not confined will not be collected.

When the Council collects a stray dog it will be taken to the Council designated kennels and kept there. If after the statutory 7 day period the owner has not come forward, then the dog will be re homed. When a dog is claimed by its owner, the owner is required to pay all costs incurred by the Council including kennelling costs. Once payment has been received then arrangements will be made for you to collect the dog or we can return the dog to its owner for a charge as detailed below

You can make a payment by calling SDK Environmental Limited on 03444 828 300 between the hours of 9am - 5pm, seven days a week. Please have your debit or credit card ready to make payment.

Details of Fees for Return of Dogs

Statutory Fee                                                       - £25.00

Kennelling Fee cost per dog per day                       - £12.00

Out of Hours costs 9am to midnight                        - £75.00

Out of Hours costs midnight to 9am                        - £150.00

Delivery of dog by contractor                                - £35.00

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog please contact SDK Environmental Limited

on 03444 828 346, selecting Option 1. SDK will require a good description of your dog and your name and address. These details will then be matched with any reported strays or collected dogs.

To report lost and found dogs the Dog Lost free website can be used. Also our contractor SDK (Environmental) Ltd has a website that displays details of found dogs that have been collected on behalf of the Council. The SDK website can be used to see if your dog has been picked up.

Dangerous dogs

The Police retain duties with regard to dealing with dangerous dogs and dogs found to be worrying livestock. This includes dogs that are running in the road or preventing entry or access to any property. If you are concerned about a dangerous or banned breed of dog (American 'Pit Bull' Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brazeiliero) you should contact the Police on 101.

For more information regarding dangerous dogs please visit Directgov

Noise from barking dogs

If you are experiencing problems with noise nuisance from barking dogs then please contact the Environmental Compliance Team within the Regulatory Services department on 01727 819 406 or email  for further advice.

Dog bins

If you would like to report an issue with a dog bin or would like to request a bin to be placed in a specific area, please contact the Community Services department on 01727 819366 or email  

If you would like to report dog fouling in your area you can contact the Council on 01727 809019 or email who will arrange for street cleaning.

If you are aware of owners who allow their dogs to persistently foul on pavements you can report this issue to the Environmental Compliance Team within the Regulatory Services department. Contact them by ringing 01727 819406 or emailing

Date of last review: 03 August 2015