Animal welfare

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Most people have an opinion about pets in our community.  A pet that is loved, well cared for and properly trained can provide great enjoyment and companionship but any pet can also be a nuisance if the owner behaves irresponsibly or inconsiderately.  It is recognised that generally speaking responsible pet owners are intolerant of their uncaring and irresponsible counterparts and appreciate that there are many people who do not share their love and enthusiasm for their chosen companions.

Unwanted animals

animal welfareThe Council does not accept animals for re-homing or euthanasia. Local rescue centres that may be able to help are:

Blue Cross (01438 832232) or visit the Bluecross website

National Animal Welfare Trust (0208 950 0177) or visit the National Animal Trust website

RSPCA (0300 123 0704) or visit the RSPCA website

Sick or injured animals

If you are worried about a sick or injured animal or concerned about possible cruel behaviour towards an animal, you should either telephone the RSPCA on 0300 123 0704 or take the animal to your local veterinary surgery.

If you need help in paying for the treatment of a sick or injured animal, then you can contact the PDSA (Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals) on 0800 731 2502 or visit the PDSA website for further advice / information.

Removal of dead animals

If you discover a dead animal in your garden please put the animal in a bin bag on the boundary of the property and let us know
(Tel: 01727 809019 or
We will come to collect the animal as soon as possible.

Other animal related queries


For lost or found cats please contact the Council on 01727 819 285 or email contact us

For further information / advice please contact the Cats Protection League on 03000 121212 or visit Cats Protection


You do not need a license to keep chickens as pets. For information / advice contact Defra on 08459 335577 or visit Defra 

However if a neighbours chickens are causing a noise / odour nuisance or you have noticed increased rodent activity in your area, you can contact the Environmental Compliance Team within the Regulatory Services department on 01727 819406 or email for further advice.

Dog Walking / Pet Sitting

You do not need a license to walk dogs or to look after cats or dogs in their own homes.  A licence under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 is required if you provide accommodation for other peoples cat(s) or dog(s) at your premises.


For information/advice please contact The Fox Website or National Fox Welfare Society


For information / advice please contact World Horse Welfare on 08000 480180 or visit World Horse Welfare.

For horses (or other animals) obstructing the highway, please contact the Police on 0845 3300222


For information/advice please contact on other wildlife contact St Tiggywinkles on 01844 29229 or visit St Tiggywinkles

Date of last review: 19 February 2016