Animal Type Organisation Online Telephone
Pests SDK Environmental Limited


82 83 25

Cat Cats Protection


12 12 12

Horse World Horse Welfare


48 01 80

Dog  SDK Environmental Ltd


82 83 46

Note: If you locate an animal causing an obstruction on the highways please contact the police on 0845 33 00 222 

Dead Animals

If you discover a dead animal on your property, we will come to collect the animal as soon as possible. Please put the animal in a bin bag and leave on the boundary of the property.

Telephone: 01727 809019 

Issues concerning Dogs

Animal TypeService GuideOnlineTelephone
Dangerous dogIf you are concerned about a dangerous dog or banned breed you should contact the Police.
Barking dogIf you are experiencing problems with noise nuisance from barking dogs, please contact the Environmental compliance team for further 819406 
Dog binsIf you would like to report an issue with a dog bin or would like to request a bin to be placed in a specific area, please contact the Community 819366
Request clean up of dog foulingIf you would like to report dog fouling in your area you can contact the Council who will arrange for street cleaning. 809019
Report repeated dog foulingIf you are aware of owners who allow their dogs to persistently foul on pavements you can report this issue to the Environmental Compliance Team. 819406

Strays and Contained Dogs

St Albans City and District Council has a responsibility for dogs that are causing a nuisance or appear to be a stray.

When the Council collects a stray dog it will be taken to the Council designated kennels and kept there. If after the statutory 7 day period the owner has not come forward, then the dog will be re-homed. When a dog is claimed by its owner, the owner is required to pay all costs incurred by the Council including kennelling costs. Once payment has been received then arrangements will be made for you to collect the dog or we can return the dog to its owner for a charge as detailed below.

Details of Fees for Return of Dogs  

Statutory Fee                                                    - £25.00
Kennelling Fee cost per dog per day                    - £12.00
Out of Hours costs 9am to midnight                    - £75.00
Out of Hours costs midnight to 9am                    - £150.00
Delivery of dog by contractor                              - £35.00

You can make a payment by calling SDK Environmental Limited on 03444 828 300 between the hours of 9am - 5pm, seven days a week. Please have your debit or credit card ready to make payment.
Date of last review: 19 February 2016