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You might be eligible for a discount on your Council Tax.

Single Person Discount

A single person discount of 25% can be awarded where there is only one adult over the age of 18 living at a property. If you want to apply, please see Council tax online, which has instructions and a link to our online form.

There is usually no discount if two or more adults live in your home. However certain people are ignored when we count the number of people living at a property. These people are disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

If there is only one adult living in the property after we have excluded the disregarded people the Council Tax bill will be reduced by 25%.

If all the occupants are disregarded the Council Tax bill will be reduced by 50%.

Who can be disregarded:

The following is a list of people who can be disregarded and not counted when we calculate a Council Tax call:

  • Young people who are 18 years old, if child benefit is still in payment for them
  • 18 and 19 year olds in further education
  • Recent school or college leavers if they are under 20 years old
  • Full time students
  • Some foreign national spouses and dependants of full time students
  • Foreign language assistants
  • Apprentices
  • Youth training trainees
  • People who are 'severely mentally impaired'
  • Some carers
  • Prisoners and other people held in detention
  • Residents of nursing homes, care homes and some hostels
  • Members of religious communities, for example nuns and monks
  • Patients living in hospital long term
  • Members and their dependants of international headquarters and defence organisations such as NATO
  • Members of visiting armed forces and their dependants
  • Foreign diplomats.

Job Related Discount

If you are liable for Council Tax on a second home which is:

  • a ‘job related dwelling’, or
  • retained whilst you are living in a job related dwelling as your main home.

You could receive a 50% discount on the bill for your second home.  Your property is classed as a job related dwelling if it is provided to you (or your spouse or civil partner) because of your job, and:

  • You need to live at the property to do your job, or
  • You are employed in a job where it is customary for employers to provide accommodation, and the accommodation is provided so that you can do your job better, or
  • You are required to live in the property by special security arrangements, because there is a threat to your security.

Some examples of job related dwellings are properties occupied by live-in teachers or caretakers, homes owned by publicans who are required to live in their licensed premises, and homes owned by service personnel who live in accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence.

If you believe you are entitled to a discount and your bill does not show that a discount has been granted, please email us at or call us on 01727 819204/819205.

Further information on exemptions is available here.

Date of last review: 20 February 2019