How to become a councillor

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The office of Councillor is a responsible position.  It is often personally fulfilling and can give a real sense of achievement. Councillors carry out a range of duties in the service of the people of the District.

Being a Councillor

Play a crucial role in providing local leadership by representing local residents' views and making decisions as to how the area is managed. The Guide for Prospective Councillors provides an insight into what councillors do, the skills they require and the standards they must follow. It also explains how to stand for election and contains useful contact information. You can download the guide using the link below. 

If you have any queries about being a councillor, please contact the Democratic Services Manager or the Head of Legal, Democratic and Regulatory Services on 01727 866100.

Further information regarding the role of a Councillor can be found on the 'Be a Councillor' website. 

Information on how to become a Parish or Town Councillor can be found on the National Association of Local Councils website.

St Albans City & District Council is not responsible for the content of external websites. 

Date of last review: 10 July 2012