Health and Wellbeing Partnership Information about projects the Health and Wellbeing Partnership has funded

Projects the Partnership has funded

The Health and Wellbeing Partnership has provided funding to projects through the Health and Wellbeing Partnership Fund in 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19. This provides voluntary and community groups with an opportunity to support the delivery of projects and activities to the benefit of the local community.

Health Priorities

Below are the projects we funded in 2018/19 covering the priority areas of:
  • Improving physical health and wellbeing
  • Improving mental health and wellbeing

Public Health Project 2018-2019

Shape Up (Men's Weight Management Programme) by Watford FC's Community Sport & Education Trust

This project delivers nutritional education alongside physical activity. Each programme is completed over a 12 week period. It targets male residents with a BMI of 30+, or 28+ for Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) groups because of higher health risks in these populations.

Stronger Communities by 1Life Sport & Health Development Team and 1Life Arts Team

The project aims to improve mental health and wellbeing as well as increase physical activity by offering arts-based and physical activity opportunities across three strands.

Firstly, new weekly ReFit classes will be established in Cunningham, London Colney and Sopwell. ReFit offers a range of exercises for those aged 55+. ReFit enables access to affordable physical activity sessions, particularly for those who have reduced mobility.

Secondly, the Targeted Exercise Referral will engage closely with GP surgeries in/near the target wards of Sopwell, Batchwood and Cunningham to drive up referrals from these target areas. For an intervention period of 12 weeks, clients will be incentivised to engage in physical activity through the offer of subsidised or free entry into leisure facilities and activities. Clients will have access to physical activity sessions both group and 1-to-1 along with a lifestyle assessment and continued support. If space allows, there is also the potential to deliver health clinics in surgeries themselves.

Thirdly, Arts on Prescription is a programme which uses the arts to help those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions affecting mental wellbeing (i.e. loneliness and social isolation). Participants attend 9 weekly sessions in the art form of their choice. During these sessions an experienced Mental Health Worker will be attending to support both the participants and the team. Art forms include visual arts, craft, drama, music, drumming and creative writing.

Social Prescribing St Albans District by Citizens Advice St Albans District

This project will link people with sources of non-medical support within the community. The project will increase signposting and referral pathways for people wanting to improve their sense of wellbeing. Collaboration between a wide range of community organisations will enable those involved to access advice, arts and sport on prescription, therapeutic volunteering, and to support work.

Young Health Champions by YC Herts

The Young Health Champions project offers a multifaceted approach to support the wellbeing of a school community by empowering and upskilling up to 15 pupils initially plus staff and parents such that they are confident to act as community health navigators able to cascade important health messages to their peers and the wider community within the District of St Albans.

District Offer Phase 2 Evaluation

Please see below for a link to the District Offer Phase 2 Evaluation.

Further Information

For further information on any of the above projects please contact Scott Rawlinson at
Date of last review: 12 November 2018