Hertfordshire County Council elections – Thursday 2 May 2013

There were elections to all 77 seats on Hertfordshire County Council, including 10 seats in the St Albans City and District area. Access to all of the Hertfordshire County Council election results 2013 is available on their website. 

Results for the 10 seats in the St Albans City and District area

* Denotes sitting county councillor for the County Division

CandidateDescriptionVotes Recorded
E: Elected
Harpenden North East
BANCROFT, PamelaThe Green Party398
PHILLIPS, Jeffrey KyndonLiberal Democrat547
ROSS, Rosemary ElsbethThe Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate468
WILLIAMS, DavidThe Conservative Party Candidate1,672 (E)
Electorate: 10,820
% Turnout: 28.7
Harpenden South West
GRAY-HIGGINS, MichaelThe Labour Party Candidate436
*HERITAGE, Teresa CatherineThe Conservative Party Candidate2,569 (E)
MOYSES, Maria LouiseLiberal Democrat382
PAUL, Rosalind MaryThe Green Party238
Electorate: 11,174
% Turnout: 32.7
*CHURCHARD, GeoffLiberal Democrat1,203 (E)
PATON, JohnThe Labour Party Candidate337
READ, BericThe Conservative Party Candidate1,099
STOCKER, John FrancisUK Independence Party (UK I P)640
TROUGHTON, IanThe Green Party164
Electorate: 8,842
% Turnout: 39
St. Albans Central
CAMPBELL, AlecThe Conservative Party Candidate796
DIXON, AndrewThe Labour  and Co-operative Party Candidate689
EASTON, Jack EdwardThe Green Party837
*WHITE, Christopher JamesLiberal Democrat1,369 (E)
% Turnout: 33.3
St. Albans East
MASON, MichaelUK Independence Party (UK I P)636
*PROWSE, Robert GrahamLiberal Democrat1,229 (E)
RIENER, GregThe Green Party239
WINDLE, VivienneThe Labour Party Candidate1,030
YOUNG, Guy MartinThe Conservative Party Candidate631
Electorate: 10,626
% Turnout: 33.3
St. Albans North
GAYGUSUZ, SalihThe Conservative Party Candidate1,026
MILLS, JillThe Green Party223
MILLS, RomaThe Labour Party Candidate1,487 (E)
ROWLANDS, Anthony FrancisLiberal Democrat1,061
SINGLETON, Philip JohnUK Independence Party (UK I P)489
Electorate: 10,878
% Turnout: 39.5
St. Albans Rural
*CRAWLEY, Maxine SusanThe Conservative Party Candidate1,802 (E)
HARDY, Thomas Woodburne BruceThe Green Party187
PRATT, SidneyUK Independence Party (UK I P)549
SHARDLOW, JudyLiberal Democrat742
SPIRI, Linda AnnThe Labour Party Candidate267
Electorate: 9,810
% Turnout: 36.3
St. Albans South
BLOOR, DawnUK Independence Party (UK I P)549
ELLIS, BrianThe Conservative Party Candidate949
METCALF, KateThe Green Party246
SMITH, JanetThe Labour Party Candidate918
WALKINGTON, SandyLiberal Democrat1,486 (E)
Electorate: 10,517
% Turnout: 39.5
St. Stephens
BAKER, Lesley CharlotteThe Green Party112
FEATHERSTONE, SueThe Conservative Party Candidate1,201
*LEE, AislinnLiberal Democrat1,495 (E)
MOLLOY, JoshThe Labour Party Candidate305
WHITEHEAD, Peter JamesUK Independence Party (UK I P)951
Electorate: 11,134
% Turnout: 36.6
The Colneys
*BRAZIER, Christopher NigelLiberal Democrat1,026
EL-KHOURI, LydiaThe Green Party88
GORDON, DredaThe Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate1,235 (E)
THORPE, Christopher DavidUK Independence Party (UK I P)638
WINSTONE, DaveThe Conservative Party Candidate866
Electorate: 11,373
% Turnout: 34
Total Electorate: 106,308
% Turnout: 35.5

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Date of last review: 28 June 2013