Harpenden North East
Lloyd, David BernardConservative2,434Elected
Phillips, Jeffrey KyndonLiberal Democrat1,204 
Ross, Rosemary ElsbethLabour306 
Tate, AnnettGreen Party489 
Electorate 10083
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Harpenden South West
Grover, MargaretGreen Party473 
Heritage, Teresa CatherineConservative3,275Elected
Lane, Richard StephenLabour289 
Moses, AlbertLiberal Democrat929
Electorate 10386
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Churchard, GeoffreyLiberal Democrat1,972Elected
Dearman, Benjamin JohnLabour200
Mills, GillianGreen Party388 
Read, Beric JonathanConservative1,551 
Electorate 8352
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St Albans Central
Grover, Simon JonathonGreen Party786 
Kennedy, Seema Louise GhiassiConservative1,095 
Warren, Lynette OskariLabour524 
White, Christopher JamesLiberal Democrat2,034Elected
Electorate 9482
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St Albans East
Baker, ChristopherConservative1,199 
Gipps, JillLabour516 
Prowse, Robert GrahamLiberal Democrat1,914Elected
Ward, Graham MarkGreen Party583 
Electorate 9639
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St Albans North
Gaygusuz, SalihConservative1,650 
Love, NaomiGreen Party626 
McCourt, Ruairi AnthonyLabour701 
Witherick, Allan Siao MingLiberal Democrat1,898Elected
Electorate 9981
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St Albans Rural
Crawley, Maxine SusanConservative2,105Elected
Eggleston, Peter RichardGreen Party420
Shardlow, JudyLiberal Democrat1,953 
Spiri, Linda AnnLabour172 
Electorate 9639
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St Albans South
Clarkson, Robert JamesConservative1,510
Ellis, MichaelLiberal Democrat 1,902Elected
Hardy, Thomas Woodburne BruceGreen Party 661 
Smith, JanetLabour743 
Electorate 9941
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St Stephens
Blackwell, Janet ElizabethLabour266 
Easton, Jack EdwardGreen Party336 
Lee, AislinnLiberal Democrat2,075Elected
Peck, Matthew JamesConservative2,029 
Electorate 10061
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The Colneys
Benson, DominicLabour519 
Brazier, ChristopherLiberal Democrat1,716 Elected
Eggleston, Lucy KatharineGreen Party312
Gerrard, Mark AnthonyBritish National Party 251 
Jones, Timothy RobinConservative1,300 
Electorate 9850
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Date of last review: 20 September 2008