Harpenden North East
Harpenden South West
St. Albans Central
St. Albans East
St. Albans North
St. Albans Rural
St. Albans South
St. Stephens
The Colneys

Ward: Harpenden North East
Lloyd, David BernardConservative3366Elected
Phillips, Jeffrey KyndonLiberal Democrat2452 
Ross, Rosemary ElsbethLabour990 
Taylor-Roome, DeniseGreen Party414 
Electorate 10083% Turnout 72%
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Ward: Harpenden South West
Canfield, Christopher JohnLiberal Democrat1952 
Scheimann, MarcGreen Party469 
Spiri, Linda AnnLabour908 
Tarry, Iris Elsie MaryConservative4271Elected
Electorate 10386% Turnout 74.1%
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Ward: Sandridge
Baughan, John PhilipLabour1054 
Churchard, Geoffrey RoyLiberal Democrat2359Elected
Harber, Eric StanchellGreen Party285 
Read, Beric JonathanConservative2232 
Electorate 8352% Turnout 71%
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Ward: St. Albans Central
Byatt, David JamesLabour1569 
Grover, Simon JonathonGreen Party535 
Harvey, David JohnConservative1610 
Tinson, Vera AnnSt. Albans Party104 
White, Christopher JamesLiberal Democrat2833Elected
Electorate 9482% Turnout 70.85%
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Ward: St. Albans East
Hill, Edward JohnLabour2044 
Paul, Rosalind MaryGreen Party335 
Prowse, Robert GrahamLiberal Democrat2247Elected
Saul, Elizabeth SarahSt. Albans Party250 
Vessey, James EdwardConservative1705 
Electorate 9639% Turnout 68.8%
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Ward: St. Albans North
Allan, DavidLabour1993 
Bretherton, RichardConservative2250 
Ewington, Mark AntonyGreen Party508 
Witherick, Allan Siao MingLiberal Democrat2260Elected
Electorate 9981% Turnout 70.57%
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Ward: St. Albans Rural
Berrington, William NicholasGreen Party389 
Hills, Derek WilliamConservative2778Elected
Oxley, Christopher WardenLiberal Democrat2627 
Viner, AndrewLabour720 
Electorate 9062% Turnout 72.2%
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Ward: St. Albans South
Burton, Peter LennoxLiberal Democrat2486 
Clarkson, Robert JamesConservative2529Elected
Smith, JanetLabour1956 
Electorate 9941% Turnout 70.59%
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Ward: St. Stephens
Blackwell, Janet ElizabethLabour1020 
Clarkson, Pamela AnnConservative2803 
Lee, AislinnLiberal Democrat3195Elected
Tizzard, Kristian DavidGreen Party206 
Electorate 10061% Turnout 72.01%
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Ward: The Colneys
Biddle, Richard JohnLiberal Democrat1334 
Clough, Stephen JamesGreen Party237 
Lee, BrianConservative2381Elected
Sanderson, RosemaryLabour2353 
Electorate 9850% Turnout 64.43%
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Date of last review: 20 September 2008