Hertfordshire County Council Elections Results 2017

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Division: Colney Heath and Marshalswick

* Denotes sitting Councillor standing for re-election

BEGUM, JahidaLabour389
DURAN, ClaudioConservative1,774
HALE, John SelwynLiberal Democrat2,075 ELECTED (301 Majority)

LOMAS, James Richard

Green Party153
LOMAX, TinaUK Independence Party122
Electorate: 10,544; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 4.518 (5); Turnout: 43%.

Division: Harpenden North East

DE KORT, Paul DavidLiberal Democrat1,098
EL-KHOURI, LydiaGreen Party172
MACKENZIE, LesterUK Independence Party103
SPIRI, Linda AnnLabour537
WILLIAMS, David *Conservative2,157 ELECTED (1059)
Electorate:10.982; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 4,075 (8); Turnout: 37%.

Division: Harpenden Rural

BREWSTER, AnnieConservative2,795 ELECTED (1,927)
HOLLINGSWORTH, Sharon ClaireLiberal Democrat868
MIDGLEY, JohnUK Independence Party148
NEVILLE, AnthonyLabour479
TROUGHTON, IanGreen Party190
Electorate:11,102; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 4,490 (10); Turnout: 41%.

Division: Harpenden South West

DONALD, Colin StewartUK Independence Party84
FRASER, George MurrayLabour448
HERITAGE, Teresa Catherine *Conservative2,882 ELECTED (1,850)
PHILLIPS, Jeffrey Kyndon Liberal Democrat1,032
ROBINSON, TimGreen Party168

Electorate: 11,150; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 4,622 (8); Turnout: 41%.

Division: London Colney

GORDON, Dreda *Labour1,326 ELECTED (298)
LILLICO, TonyLiberal Democrat476
MADDOCK, MattGreen Party112
MALIN, Alan RobertUK Independence Party172
WAKELY, MikeConservative1,028
Electorate: 9,161; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 3,119 (5); Turnout: 34%.

Division: St Albans Central

CAMPBELL, AlecConservative1,040
COTTON, Keith MichaelGreen Party526
HUSSEY, Keith BrianTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts22
VAUGHAN, GlenysLabour567
WHITE, Christopher James *Liberal Democrats2,644 ELECTED (1,604)
Electorate: 11,644; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 4,804 (5); Turnout: 41%

Division: St Albans East

HAWKES, MickUK Independence Party125
LANGTON, TomGreen Party169
PATON, John MackenzieLabour753
ROWLANDS, Anthony FrancisLiberal Democrat2,339 ELECTED (1,490)
WHALE, John StephenConservative849
Electorate: 10,555; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 4,249; Turnout: 40%.

Division: St Albans North

DOVEY, MatthewUK Independence Party76
ELLIS, BrianConservative1,239
HOGG, Charlotte KatharineLiberal Democrat1,675 ELECTED (71)
MILLS, GillianGreen Party147
MILLS, Roma *Labour1,604
Electorate: 10,169; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 4,749 (8); Turnout: 47%.

Division: St Albans South

CHATRATH, JagatLabour764
CURTHOYS, Richard PatrickConservative1,299
EASTON, Jack EdwardGreen Party191
WALKINGTON, Sandy *Liberal Democrat2,899 ELECTED (1,600)
WHITEHEAD, Peter JamesUK Independence Party121

Electorate: 10,974; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 5,285 (11); Turnout: 48%.

Division: St Stephen's

BAKER, Lesley CharlotteGreen Party90
DICKSON, David FrancisUK Independence Party152
FEATHERSTONE, SueConservative2,200 ELECTED (452)
MCGRATH, MartinLabour344
YATES, David JohnLiberal Democrat


Electorate: 11,152; Ballot Papers Issued (Rejected): 4,538 (4); Turnout: 41%.
Date of last review: 05 May 2017