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    New HomeMoving home may be exciting but it is also likely to be a stressful event. Here are some tips and links to help make your move go smoothly.

    Who to inform about your move

    • Council Tax - You can notify the Council online about your move. 
    • Energy - Read all you utility meters on the day or the day before you move. It's a good idea to take photos in case there is any dispute later on. These should clearly show the serial number of the meter and the meter read. 
    • Telephone and broadband - Notify the company supplying your phone and/or broadband.
    • TV Licence - Tell TV licensing that you have moved. If you are over 75 you will be entitled to a free TV licence. If you are blind or are severely sight impaired then you may be entitled to a 50% discount.
    • Car - It is illegal to have a driving licence with an incorrect address so make sure you change your address. You can do this online here. You will also need to inform your motor insurance company and breakdown service.
    • Benefits - If you receive any benefits or pensions you will need to inform the benefits agency.
    • Bank - Your bank needs your new address including any banks or building societies where you hold a savings account.
    • Mail - You can arrange to have your post redirected. Simply fill in a form at the post office. There is a charge for this service.
    • Insurance - Tell your insurer your new address and moving date and make sure that you are covered during the move. Otherwise you may invalidate your insurance.
    • Healthcare - It may be necessary to change your GP, Dentist, Optician, etc. You can find a complete list of local healthcare services at the NHS website here. 
    • Register to vote - Let the electoral services team know so that your details can be amended on the Register of Electors.

    What to do with your waste?

    Finding new services after you've moved

    Discover your community - its profile, events, services and more

    Simply enter your new address to the Council's Local Information Service and you can find out about local information related to your home such as Council Tax band, refuse and recycling collection days, local libraries and lots more.

    Date of last review: 01 November 2016