Section 106 (S106) contributions can be secured through the planning process for new infrastructure, such as recreational facilities. The requirement for new infrastructure investment is created by an increase in population due to the development of new residential properties.

The databases found on this page focus around a four stage process:

-     Stage 1 is a list of planning applications yet to have planning permission granted. 

-     Stage 2 is a list of planning permissions that have been granted but where contributions are outstanding. 

-     Stage 3 is a list of contributions received but as yet uncommitted, committed or part spent. 

-     Stage 4 is a list of fully spent and completed contributions.

The process for ensuring final decisions on the allocation of S106 contributions to a project is based on community information received from:

-       Parish Council consultation

-       Ward Councillors consultation


For more information on Section 106 funded projects please contact Stuart Foster, Leisure Services Manager via email at or by calling on 01727 819368.

Date of last review: 18 September 2019