Local Democracy Week is a Europe wide initiative ran by the Council of Europe that aims to ‘foster the knowledge of local democracy and promote the idea of democratic participation at a local level.'

The theme this year is:

“Citizen participation, consultation and commitment: for a thriving local democracy”

This year, Local Democracy week runs from Monday 9th October to Sunday 15th October.

As part of this celebration of Local Democracy and St. Albans City & District Councils continued commitment to promoting involvement in local democracy we will be organising a series of events.

These include –

  • Local Schools Art and Creative Writing Competition
  • Women in Politics
  • Celebrate Older People's Day
  • Youth Question Time

Local Schools Art and Creative Writing Competition

Schools are invited to demonstrate their creativity by taking part in competitions themed around local democracy.

Primary school children have been asked to create a picture illustrating 'What I would do if I was Mayor for the day'. The winner will have tea with the Mayor of the City and District of St Albans, Cllr Iqbal Zia.

Secondary School pupils have been invited to produce an artwork, poem or short story (maximum 500 words) expressing 'What do I like best about the community in which I live?'

Women in Politics

On Monday 9th October discuss with District Councillors how women can get involved in politics and decision-making locally. This drop-in event takes place at Beech House, St Peter’s Street, St Albans from 10am to 12pm.

Celebrate Older People's Day

On Wednesday 11th October, this is your opportunity for Older People to discuss issues relating to local democracy with District Councillors face-to-face. District Councillors will be available to hear your views at Alban Arena from 10am to 1pm.

Youth Question Time

On Thursday 12th October - this event is open to sixth form and college student that study in the District, we will give them the opportunity to put question to a live panel of local councillors, empowering them to raise and debate a range of issues, furthering the understanding of local democracy.

Further information

For further information please contact the Members Support Team at Member.support@stalbans.gov.uk or 01727 819294

Date of last review: 27 September 2017