As many as 10,000 mobile phones are stolen every month. Two thirds of the victims are aged between 13 and 16. Many phones are also stolen from unattended cars. Here are some practical measures you can take to keep your mobile phone safe.

Remember to

  • Register your mobile phone at
  • Keep your phone out of sight in your pocket or handbag when not in use
  • Use your phone's security lock code, if it has one
  • Property mark your phone with your postcode and door number to help police identify stolen ones
  • Report a lost or stolen phone to the police on the non emergency number 101
  • Inform your service provider if your phone is stolen or lost

New service available

The Police have a new service to help recover stolen smart phones and tablets by using tracking applications.  The tracking applications or apps are available for iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smart phones and tablets and are easy to download and usually free. 

For further information check the latest news from Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Date of last review: 07 August 2018