The charity Crimestoppers helps to fight crime in local communities. Thanks to information received by Crimestoppers 19 criminals are arrested and charged every day.

Fighting crime

Crimestoppers is the largest charity fighting crime, helping to remove criminals and keeping our  local communities safe. With Crimestoppers your anonymity is guaranteed. People can call 24/7 to pass information on about crime in their area. There is also a secure, encrypted online Giving Information Form which people can complete to pass on information. Both routes are anonymous which means that your name is never known or made public.

Importantly Crimestoppers does not record or trace calls or on line forms and you will never be asked to make a statement to the police or appear in court.

For more information, visit the Crimestoppers.


Fearless focuses on crimes which affect young people such knife, cyber and bullying, sex, drugs and alcohol crimes. You can give information about any crime you have witnessed in 3 different ways:

1. You can use the online form - please put in as much information as possible

2. You can call 0800 555 111 - you won't be asked for your name or address, just information  regarding the crime you are calling about

3. You can text if you know someone who carries a knife - give their name, school, year and area to 88551 - remember to delete the sent text from your phone

Date of last review: 07 August 2018