Housing repossession text scam

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Date of last review: 10 November 2016

UPDATE 10th November 2016

The Council has received reports from a number of tenants that they have received a text telling them that we are coming to repossess their property at 1:30pm (today) for rent owing. We can confirm that these have not been sent by the Council and please do not ring the number given.

Fraudulent or suspicious calls or texts  should be reported using the National Action Fraud website:


Bogus callers are burglars who try to trick or con their way into your home - they often pretend to be on official business from respectable concerns such as utility companies or the Council. They may also claim to be tradesmen calling to carry out urgent repairs on your property or simply individuals with a plausible reason to enter your house, for example, looking for a lost cat.

Bogus letters and bogus texts may also be sent.

How to deal with bogus callers

Bogus callers succeed because they sound believable. Follow these simple steps to make sure they are who they claim to be:

  • Think before you open the door. Always use your chain. Don't let anyone in until you are sure they are genuine.

  • Ask for proof of identity. If you are still unsure, call the company(obtain the number from the telephone directory as their ID cards may be false).

  • Beware of callers who attempt to distract you and make you leave the house - they may have an accomplice waiting to get in.

  • If you are not convinced that the caller is genuine do not let them in. "If in doubt, keep them out".

  • Never put money or possessions at the door.

  • Call the non emergency number on 101 to report suspicious activity

  • In an emergency call 999.

Action Fraud
Date of last review: 10 November 2016