We aim to return the completed search within 5 working days. If you are local to St Albans Council and the Search is urgent, we may be able to offer a hand delivery service.

Within an Official Local Authority Search you will gain much relevant and useful information such as proposed Tree Preservation Orders, proposed enforcement action, breach of condition notices, noise abatement zones and environment and pollution notices, to name but a few. These official searches are accepted by all Mortgage Lenders.

The Local Land Charge Section carries out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Rules 2010, guaranteeing comprehensive replies to the official LLC1 and CON29 enquiries signed by the St Albans City and District Council "Proper Officer".

Submission of a Full Search

To submit a full search, please supply the Land Charges Section with forms LLC1 and Con 29 which are available through which are available through the Oyez Store:

LLC1: www.oyezstore.co.uk/singleform.asp?id=5375

Con29R: www.oyezstore.co.uk/singleform.asp?id=6871

Con29O Optional Enquiries:www.oyezstore.co.uk/singleform.asp?id=6872

Before submitting the forms please follow all submission guidelines.

Guidelines for submission

  • Please do not staple any paperwork. 
  • Please send a cheque for the correct fee made payable to St Albans City and District Council.
  • All forms and plans should be submitted in duplicate.
  • On the plan outline in red the clear and correct address to be searched.
  • If required, add information on 'other roadways, footways and footpaths' to Box C on the Con 29 form and highlight as required on the plan itself. 

Fees from 31 March 2017

Local Land Charge Fees with effect from 31 March 2017


VAT No GB 198 2124 47




Inclusive of VAT

Full Official Search Con29 and LLC1




Breakdown of fees:







£70.83 plus VAT of £14.17


Con290 Q4-20

£7.50 plus VAT of £1.50


Con290 Q21

£2.50 plus VAT of £0.50


Con290 Q22

£14.00 plus VAT of £2.80



Parcel Fees:



£10.42 plus VAT of £2.08



£25.00 plus VAT of £5.00





Request for copy search

£8.33 plus VAT of £1.67


Who to contact

To contact the Land Charges Section:

Clare Merson, Land Charges Service Manager
Local Land Charges
District Council Offices
Civic Centre
St. Peter's Street
St. Albans
Herts AL1 3JE


Document Exchange: DX 6178, St. Albans –1
Telephone: 01727 819511/819522
Fax: 01727 819263
Email: landcharges@stalbans.gov.uk 

Local Land Charges Register/Personal Search

A personal search is an inspection of the Local Land Charges Register and this does not supply all the information that would be obtained from an Official LLC1 and Con29 search. It is possible to view the Local Land Charges Register under the Local Land Charges Rules 2010 for free. Appointments can be made on the following days:

Monday and Wednesday  10am to 12pm;  2pm to 4pm
Tuesday and Thursday    10am to 12pm;  2pm to 4pm 

Please email landcharges@stalbans.gov.uk with your request for an appointment.  You may view up to 6 properties per visit.
Should you require any answers to the Con29R you should contact the relevant department.

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Date of last review: 13 July 2016