Completed Car Parking Consultations

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In this section

Zone A review

Zone S including Old London Road and Vernon Close Area

Zone D Parking Review

Zone F Parking Review

Jubilee Av and Seaton Rd, London Colney

Zone H and Lemsford Road Area Parking Consultation

Zone HA Parking Review

Zone L Parking Review

Zone M Parking Review

Zone N Parking Review

Westminster Court Consultation

Zone P Parking Review

Zone T Parking Review

St Michaels Area Parking Review

Draft parking strategy

Zone CM Parking Review

harpenden south consultation

Zone HC Parking Review

Holcroft Area Harpenden Parking consultation

Station Road, West Way and Carisbrooke Harpenden Consultation

Zone OC Parking Review

Disabled Parking Bays Consultation 2016

District Disabled Parking Bays Order 2017

Electronic Charging Points Order 2017

Market Place Parking Consultation

Various Waiting Restrictions Order 2015/16

Parking Review Prospect Road

Upper Lattimore Road Area Consultation

Review of parking in The Avenues area, Harpenden

Review of parking in the Boundary Road area, St Albans

Review of Parking Hospital Area, St Albans

Consultation on parking in the South St Albans Area (Holywell Hill)

Car Parking Contract Scrutiny Survey

Introduction of Parking Controls into Manland Avenue

Cottonmill Lane and Five Acres Area

Guildford Road St Albans Ashley Ward Area

Loading Only and limited waiting Harpenden and St Albans

Harpenden Free School and The Ridgeway Consultation

No waiting except taxis Harpenden Consultation

Becketts Avenue Hospital Area Area

Kirkdale Avenue and Aplins Close

Nunnery Stables and Old Sopwell Gardens

Restrictions of waiting 2015 Consultation

Southwest Harpenden Consultation

The Cunninghams Consultation

Valley Road and Hobart Walk Consultation

Wood End Area and Paddock Wood Harpenden Consultation