How to apply or renew

To discover if your residence is eligible for a permit please check your zone.

To ensure that conditions have been met it can take up to 7 working days for your permit to be processed. Please read the notes below.

Online Residents Permit Applications and Permit Changes - Please read the Required documents section below before applying for your permit.

Before applying online you must read the terms and conditions on the permit application form (PDF) below. By applying for a permit you are confirming that you have read the terms and conditions.

Apply for a  Resident's Permit here

Required Documents you need and extra information needed for permit applications

The documents requested must show the name and address of the location for which the permit will be valid.  When applying in person original documents are required.

When applying online your documents can be attached and uploaded during the online application process.

If you have any problems uploading any of the required scanned documents, you can send them via email following your online application to: 

You are required to supply your most recent Council Tax Bill showing proof of residency. (If you do not have this you will need to get a copy from the Council)

In addition you must also supply 2 of the following documents.

  • Vehicle Log Book also known as (V5C) showing your address and vehicle registration details - please note, the address must be the address for which the permit will be valid
  • Car insurance documents issued within the last 3 months and showing your name & address and Vehicle registration number
  • A recent utility bill issued within the last 3 months - Online statements are also accepted but this must show your name & address.  Mobile phone bills are not accepted.
Company and lease vehicles
  • if you have a lease or company vehicle we will require a copy of your lease agreement or a letter on headed paper from your company/employer confirming the lease agreement. You will also be required to provide your Council Tax bill and a utility bill as proof of address.
For renewals only -  your Applicant ID and Permit Reference Number.   
Apply Online 

In person/by post

You can also apply/renew  a Resident's Permit by post or in person via the  Parking Shop.

You can download the application form below:

Information on Residents Parking Permits

  • Up to three Residents Permits per household are available to properties with no off street parking (drive ways or garages).
  • Up to two Resident Permits are permitted for a household in premises with off-street parking (drive ways or garages).
  • The occupiers of private estates will not qualify unless they have been included within the scheme.
  • Residents of new developments and/or properties not shown on the relevant Traffic Regulation Order will not be eligible for Resident Permits. 
  • A Resident's Permit is only valid if clearly displayed on the near-side of the windscreen of the vehicle for which it bears a registration number. It may only be used in the resident permit zones shown on the permit. It is not valid elsewhere.
  • A Resident's Permit may have two registration numbers of vehicles registered at the same address.
  • Residents not related to the Council Tax payer of the building that they occupy, as in the case of bedsits, will need to acquire permits through their landlord.
  • If a resident moves out of the scheme area, the permit must be surrendered to the Parking Shop and a refund will be available upon application, for more information on refunds please see the back of the Resident Permit Application form available above. 
  • If a resident moves to another zone within the scheme, a new permit will need to be applied for in that zone.
  • First and second permits are only issued for a period of 12 months.  Third permits can be issued for periods of 3 months or 12 months.
  • Further information is provided regarding Permit Costs and Zones. Here you can discover if your residence is eligible for a permit.
To contact The St Albans City and District Councils Parking Services team:
Telephone 01727 819206 or Email
Date of last review: 03 February 2017