Whether or not a resident owns a car, permits for visitors can be obtained. This is particularly important for people who do not themselves drive but who are used to having family and friends visit their homes.

The visitors permits are scratch cards similar to vouchers but, where the normal 1 hour vouchers are blue the visitor permits are green (4 Hours) and yellow (All day).

Qualifying resident's may acquire a stock of visitor permits in advance and then issue them to visitors as they arrive. Each visitor permit is valid for up to four hours or all day and are supplied in books of 10 permits. For costs please go to our Permit Charge page.

To apply for Visitors Permits you will need to supply a copy of the following:

1. Recent Council Tax Bill with the name and address of the property for which the permits are required within the CPZ  showing proof of residency.

2. A copy of a recent utility bill issued within the last 3 months - on line statements are accepted but must show the name, address and date of statement.        Please note: Mobile phone bills are not accepted.

3. The Property must be within a controlled parking zone/area and must be listed on the relevant Traffic Regulation Order for that controlled zone/area 

How to apply

Online - Apply Online

To keep a check upon misuse and to avoid an unfair usage of the space available, the Council limits the issue of visitor permits to 12 books per annum to households within the zones. More details on allocation of permits per zone can be found on our Permit Charge web page.

How to use a Residents' Visitor Permit

The permit must be validated on the day of use by scratching the time of arrival and relevant month, day and date. The permit must then be displayed in accordance with the instructions on the back.

To contact The St Albans City and District Councils Parking Services team:
Telephone 01727 819206 or Email
Date of last review: 11 April 2016