The scheme allows for the issue of a very limited number of permits to businesses. The Council wishes to encourage businesses to make more use of public transport or provide their own off-street parking space however, season tickets can be obtained for public car parks and information on these is available from NCP who can be contacted on 0845 050 70 80.

The limited amount of Business Permits that are made available are primarily intended for businesses who need their vehicles for operational business purposes and where the businesses are located in the controlled resident permit streets.
Permits are limited to 1 permit per qualifying business.  The annual charges can be found on our Permit Charges page.

Qualifying Criteria:

• No space available to park within the curtilage of their Premises
• The vehicle is an operational vehicle registered and insured with the business
• The business is registered for business rates 

Operational Vehicles are: 

• Vehicles that are essential to the business because they are needed for collection, deliveries or regular site visits (e.g. florists, sandwich deliveries, estate agents, etc)

Applicants who use their own Vehicles:
A letter will be required on the Company headed paper as validation of the need for the use of the vehicle for business purposes. The letter must describe the nature of the business and type of work the applicant performs.

Vehicles must be less than 5.25 meters long and no more than 2.3 meters high 

Application forms are available from the St Albans Parking Shop, and it will be necessary to describe the nature of the business to achieve priority. Full details and requirements are contained on the application form.

Business Permits are only valid if clearly displayed on the near-side of the windscreen of the vehicle owned or regularly used by the business to which it has been issued. It may only be used in the resident permit zones shown upon it. These permits are not valid for parking outside of the resident permit zone shown on the front of the permit.

To contact The St Albans City and District Councils Parking Services team:
Telephone 01727 819206 or Email
Date of last review: 11 April 2016