The Council works in partnership with the Planning Portal to provide a facility for the online completion of planning applications.

Apply Button On the Planning Portal you can complete your application online, attach the relevant plans and documents and pay the fee electronically. The whole package can then be lodged without the need for document and plan printing by the applicant.

If you would like to submit your application electronically, click on the apply button on the left.

Guidance for first-time users

The Planning Portal website also provides detailed information about preparing and then submitting your application

Application types not available through the online system

The Planning Portal is not able to accept online submissions for the following application types:  

Application for non-material amendments following planning permission

Notification of a Proposed Larger Home Extension

Notification of a Proposed Change of Use to Dwelling(s)

Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use to State Funded School

Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a flexible use

Please use the link below to download the appropriate interactive forms or download a paper form from our website here.

Planning Portal application forms

Date of last review: 22 August 2017