plasticspots punnetscans foils aerosolsglass bottles

yesDO put plastic bottles, tubs, trays or pots in your black wheeled bin (or recycling box for those without bins).

yesYES to margarine and ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots, plastic food trays and punnets.

yesYES to cans, foils and aerosols.

yes DO put all glass bottles and jars in your black wheeled bin (or recycling box for those without bins).
plastic bagpolystyrene film cellophane

noDON'T put plastic bags out for recycling. You can take these to certain supermarkets.

noDON'T put cellophane, polystyrene or film wrapping in your recycling box.

broken glasswrong glass

noNO drinking glasses, light bulbs, spectacles, mirrors, plate glass, pyrex or other heat treated glass.

noNO broken glass please to avoid accidental cuts during collection.


yesPlease wash and squash your cans and plastic to deter pests and to get more in your recycling box. Save water by rinsing containers in the dirty water at the end of the washing up or slip them in to the dishwasher if you have space.

Your questions

I left a large plastic fabric conditioner bottle out next to my box. Why wasn’t it collected?

Large containers, e.g. fabric conditioner bottles, protein powder containers, large cooking oil cans, can clog up the collection vehicle crushing mechanism. To avoid this, please make sure you squash your cans and plastics to reduce their size. 

We appreciate that some containers may be difficult to squash. If so, cut large containers down to size. If this is not possible take it to a household waste recycling centre or to one of the static bank sites which will take plastics 

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Date of last review: 24 June 2014