Your guide to recycling

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Our waste and recycling services

We’d like St Albans District to be a shining example of community recycling. Together with our partner Veolia, our aim is to increase recycling rates in the District to more than 60%.

Below, you can find information for residents who live in either houses or flats to tell you about our services, together with Frequently Asked Questions with lots more detailed information.

Recycling and waste service for flats

recycling for flats

If you live in a flat in the district - please use the leaflet below to help you recycle.


Recycling and waste service for houses

household waste service
Click on the images below for further information on use of your recycling boxes and bins or download the guide

Paper and card

recycling boxRecycling box - For paper and card

Plastics, cans, foil, glass bottles and jars

Black wheelie blackbinbin - for all your recycling (except for paper and card)

Garden waste

Green wheelie bin - for all your garden wastegreen bin

Food waste

kerbside food caddyFood waste

Landfill waste

brown binSlim brown wheelie bin - For all waste that cannot be recycled

Textiles and small electricals

textilessmallelectricalNew ComponentWeekly collection - leave in carrier bags

Your questions on the new service

Date of last review: 08 September 2016