News release: 04 April 2017

CCTV surveillance in St Albans has recently led to the arrest of suspected shoplifters, robbers, cash machine fraudsters and a drink driver.

St Albans

Operators at St Albans City and District Council monitor a CCTV system that covers the City Centre and other locations.

They alert police to any suspicious activity they spot on screen while the recorded footage can be used as evidence in court.

In recent weeks, the CCTV team’s work has resulted in the arrest of:

* Four suspected shoplifters in separate incidents that were not noticed by the stores;
* Three men who had allegedly just committed a robbery;
* One man seen tampering with a cash machine; and
* An individual spotted getting into a car in a seemingly drunken state and driving away.

The CCTV system, provided under contract by Videcom Security, has been in operation since 2001, deterring criminals and helping to solve crimes.

It is being upgraded to a digital service which will improve the quality of the images used to monitor incidents and identify suspects.

Beric Read, the Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Engagement and Localism, said: “Our CCTV operators have been busy detecting crimes in progress in St Albans over the last couple of weeks, enabling police to make a number of arrests. 

“This clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of having a manned, proactively patrolled CCTV system.”

St Albans Chief Inspector Shane O’Neill of Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “CCTV footage forms a vital part of our investigative work and we rely on the cameras to be extra pairs of eyes when looking out for crime.

“These recent arrests show just how important CCTV operators are in keeping the City safe and we are grateful to have such a positive working relationship with St Albans City and District Council.”

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